16 04, 2017

The Easter Story

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What is the true story of Easter? The Easter story that is believed and practiced be most Christians just does not make sense to me. Okay, so that is my opinion based on what I have read and researched over the past several years. It also does not make sense to me as far as logic, common sense and historical facts go. So from this point on, I will .... Click HERE to Continue Reading...

20 12, 2015

Christianity or Catholicism

By |2015-12-20T08:16:38-05:00December 20th, 2015|Catholicism, Christianity, Opinion|Comments Off on Christianity or Catholicism

Catholicism and the influence it has on Christianity. If you thought this post was a comparison between Christianity and Catholicism, well then I'm sorry. The reason for this post is to show the influence that Catholicism had and/or has on that we practice as Christianity today as I have observed on the journey that Yahweh has sent me on. As I travel this road, I come across people "followers" .... Click HERE to Continue Reading...

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