26 06, 2017

Christians keep the Sabbath and the Holy Festivals

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Should Christians keep the Sabbath and Festivals as described in the OT or not? Well, this has been a hot topic all over the Christian world and the internet. We are taught in many churches that we are to keep the so-called Christian holidays, Christmas, Easter etc. And that the biblical holidays as described in the Old Testament are for Israel and not for New Testament Christians. In this .... Click HERE to Continue Reading...

13 05, 2017

The Origin of marriage and what it should be

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Marriage -  where does it come from and what it was... The concept of marriage is found in the Bible, that's right, the Bible, marriage is not a secular concept, it is a biblical concept. So with that in mind let's take a look at what today says what marriage is. Marriage today is more of a secular concept. There are many reasons people marry today, fame, financial security,  .... Click HERE to Continue Reading...

16 04, 2017

The Easter Story

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What is the true story of Easter? The Easter story that is believed and practiced be most Christians just does not make sense to me. Okay, so that is my opinion based on what I have read and researched over the past several years. It also does not make sense to me as far as logic, common sense and historical facts go. So from this point on, I will .... Click HERE to Continue Reading...

8 07, 2016

The Hebrew word for Love

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The Hebrew word for Love is Ahava The root of Ahava is Hava, which literally means "to offer" or "to give". It also shares a root with the word, Ahav, which means "to nurture", or "to devote completely to another"...Ahava (love) is not an emotion, it’s an action. Love in its purest form is not something that happens to us, it is a condition that is created when we .... Click HERE to Continue Reading...

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